Fat Grafting is a great procedure for patients of any age. It is very popular, particularly among middle-aged individuals (both male and female) seeking to address visible signs of aging like skin discoloration, loose skin, deep lines and wrinkles, thinning of skin and fatty tissue on the face and the neck.

Let’s explore the main advantages of fat grafting:

1. Natural-looking results

Since the transferred fat is from your own body, it integrates well with existing tissues, as it acts as a natural filler.

2. Long-lasting results.

The fat that survives can be permanent in some cases, as opposed to temporary fillers which need more regular touch-ups.

3.Triple benefit

Besides enhancing volume in target areas, fat transfer also rejuvenates the skin and, through the process of liposuction, allows for contouring of body areas with excess fat.

4. No risk of allergic reaction

Since the fat is from your own body, there is no risk of allergic reactions or rejection compared to synthetic fillers.

5. Versatility

Fat transfer can be used for various areas of the body, including face, breasts, buttocks, hands and the genitalia area. Since this procedure covers a wide range of applications, it provides comprehensive rejuvenation options.

6. Natural skin rejuvenation

Fat transfer can improve skin texture and quality by stimulating collagen synthesis in the treated areas through differentiation of stem cells into collagen-producing cells. 

7. Customizable

The procedure can be tailored to meet individual needs, allowing for precise volume enhancement and contouring.

8. Local anaesthesia

Fat transfer to face and neck can be done under local anaesthesia as a day case procedure and it is very well tolerated by the patients.

9. Minimal downtime

While recovery time varies, many patients can return to normal activities very quickly compared to more invasive surgical procedures.


Nano fat can be used for skin rejuvenation especially for dark circles, acne scarring if you are +18.

Micro fat transfer is usually needed when you have deep laugh lines, hollow temples, when you need volume restoration on your cheeks, jawline

Apart from some swelling and bruising first couple of days, most of the patients can go back to work the next day. If you have pain in the legs or tummy area you may need to rest 1-2 days at home