Skin Tightening
J Plasma


The power of beauty is undeniable. Studies show that we tend to make significant assumptions about individuals based solely on their appearance. By dedicating attention to improving how you look, you not only boost your own well-being and confidence but also influence how others perceive you.


The duration of a skin tightening procedure can vary depending on the device used, patient factors, and the treated areas.

Procedure Time

up to one hour

Anaesthesia Type

Topical ,local


Non Surgical


After 2 days

Age Restriction

18 + Years Old

Skin Ageing ? 

As you grow older, your skin loses elasticity due to its exposure to UV rays. It produces less collagen and elastin fibres than before, weakening the skin’s connective tissues. To enjoy that youthful appearance again, you may need to look into getting yourself a facial cosmetic procedure.

In a general sense, non-surgical skin tightening methods operate by employing focused energy to heat the underlying layers of the skin.

This process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, leading to a gradual enhancement in skin tone and texture. Additionally, certain treatments impact fibrous tissue to contribute to the smoothing of cellulite.

Skin Tightening, cosmetic surgeons can effectively tighten moderately lax or “crepey” skin on the face, neck and body, helping patients improve their appearance and postpone the need for surgery.

  • Skin tightening refers to the process of improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin. With increasing age and with prolonged sun exposure, a decrease in collagen production can lead to the loss of skin elasticity.
    Skin tightening procedures and devices aim to address lax skin by stimulating collagen production, promoting tissue remodeling, and enhancing skin tone.
  • Skin tightening works through various technologies that stimulate collagen production, a key protein responsible for skin’s integrity and elasticity.
    The aim is to induce a controlled injury or heat in the skin to tighten the existing collagen fibres, as well as stimulating new collagen formation. The gradual increase in collagen helps to tighten and firm the skin over time.
  • There are various types of skin tightening devices the most popular ones being radiofrequency (RF), ultrasound and laser devices. Each utilizes different technologies to tighten the existing collagen fibres and to stimulate new collagen production thus, improving skin firmness and elasticity.
    Invasive devices tend to be more effective than non-invasive ones.

    It is important to note that results may vary depending on the device used, the skin type and quality, lifestyle, and patient’s expectations.
    A plastic surgeon will have a detailed discussion about the various skin tightening options to help you decide the one that will give you a result that matches your needs and expectations.

The effectiveness of skin tightening devices can vary based on factors such as skin type, quality of skin, the degree of skin laxity, and patient’s expectations. Different devices utilize various technologies to achieve tightening results.

The most popular ones supported by scientific research are the following:

  • ‘Renuvion’ is a brand name for a minimally invasive skin tightening device that utilizes a technology known as J-Plasma. J-Plasma combines helium gas with radiofrequency energy to create a controlled, precise energy source.
    The energy is delivered subdermally (under the skin), leading to tissue contraction and new collagen formation. This can result in improved skin tightness and contouring.
    The tightening effect is gradual and it peaks at about 6 months following this procedure.
    Renuvion is commonly used in modern body contouring procedures such as liposuction, as it is associated with superior results compared to liposuction only.
    It’s important to note that Renuvion is typically used in surgical settings and is performed by a Plastic surgeon.


  • ‘BodyTite’ is a minimally invasive radiofrequency device that uses internal (under the skin) and external (over the skin) electrodes to deliver thermal energy. The heat generated stimulates new collagen formation leading to skin tightening in the treated area.


To date, there are no comparative studies showing that one device is superior to the other.
Based on clinical outcomes and patient testimonials, they both appear to be associated with a high satisfaction rate.

  • Renuvion and BodyTite devices are often used for body contouring procedures most commonly the abdomen, thighs, legs, arms, and neck.
    They are sometimes considered a less invasive alternative to a traditional arm lift, tummy tuck and thigh lift and are associated with a faster recovery and less scarring.
    It is important to consult with a Plastic surgeon to determine if skin tightening is a suitable option to fulfil your needs and expectations.

The duration from a skin tightening procedure can vary depending on the device used, patient factors, and the treated areas.

  • With Renuvion and BodyTite the results are slowly and steadily progressing, as new collagen production increases with time and they usually peak at about 4 to 6 months following the procedure.

Radiofrequency skin tightening procedures are generally considered safe and side effects are often mild and temporary.
Common side effects include discomfort, swelling, redness, bruise and skin numbness. Rarely, a skin burn can occur due to the dissipated heat at the surface of the skin however, when this procedure is performed by an experienced and well-trained Plastic surgeon, this risk is rare.

  • Whether you are suitable for skin tightening depends on various factors such as your general health, skin type, degree of skin laxity, any specific concerns, and expectations. Skin tightening is often more effective in cases of mild to moderate skin laxity. In cases of severe laxity or excess skin, surgical interventions such as a facelift and necklift, a tummy tuck or a body lift might be more appropriate.

A Plastic surgeon will provide personalized recommendations based on your unique circumstances, to achieve the desired outcomes.



Disclaimer notice: All results and benefits differ for each individual, pictures and text are posted with person’s consent before and after the treatment.